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Each of our Arizona criminal attorneys were selected based upon their unique levels of experience and specialized skills. We approach each case based on a "team" concept. Each case is reviewed by our dwi attorneys as well as the "team". Legal issues and trial strategies are discussed and an individual plan is devised for each client.
Additionally, the attorneys have at their disposal the latest in online research, accident reconstructionists, investigators and criminalists to assist them in the defense.

DUI penalties are high in the state of Arizona. If you ever find yourself being pulled over while driving intoxicated you'll want to have experienced legal representation and a vigorous criminal defense from a qualified DUI attorney or Arizona DUI lawyer. Driving while intoxicated can result in mandatory jail time, high fines and driver's license suspension, Our attorneys will use their expertise and skills to  protect and enforce your rights when you need it the most and we make sure that you get the proper representation and the fairest trial possible so make sure you have an Arizona DUI lawyer or Phoenix criminal attorney protecting your interests. Contact our Arizona DUI attorneys today at 480-753-5888 or check out our website at